Matthias Messmer

Since two and a half decades, Matthias Messmer has been travelling extensively
in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and Asia, both for his work and
personal interests. The scope of his creative work includes writing and photography.
Messmer’s images are conceived in the tradition of social documentary
photography and often capture an atmosphere transcending ordinary reportage
pictures. Today, his interdisciplinary projects focus on Chinese cultural politics,
everyday cultures and Western images of China. He contributes regularly to
international newspapers and magazines.

Before taking the explorative path, Messmer studied international relations, law
and economics at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and received his PhD
with an awarded work on Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union from the University
of Constance, Germany. In 2001, he received a scholarship from the Swiss National
Science Foundation and was a visiting scholar in the US and China. Besides an academic
career, he worked at the prestigious Neue Zürcher Zeitung and served as a consultant
for the Swiss Foreign Ministry.

As a China specialist, Messmer is the International PR Director of the independent
Swiss watch company Titoni Ltd. The differences between East and West and between
cultural projects and the business world provide constant sources of inspiration for him.

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